M of M girls,

I just got an email from the website guy who hosts Maidens of Modesty.
He said that there IS a reason why the servers are down and he apologizes.
We’re hoping it’ll be back up soon!

Until then we still have the blog, and anyone is free to email me!

OR maidensofmodesty@gmail.com

*hugs* God bless!
Love ya all,
~Miss Danica
Creator of Maidens of Modesty

Here’s a copy of the email:

Hey everyone,
I just got this notice from my hosting provider:

Emergency Notice
We Apologize for the inconvenience caused to your web site services due to the our partner Data Center Outage problems. We are closely working with DC staff to resolve problems ASAP.
Data Center CEO Response: “Today at approximately 5:45 p.m., a transformer in our H1 data center in Houston caught fire, thus requiring us to take down all generators as instructed by the fire department. All servers are down. We are working with the fire department, with our facilities staff on site, to assess the situation.
We have also determined that no servers or client Data in the data center have been damaged. Nonetheless, they are down because power is out. Teams across the board are working to take appropriate action. “
After continues interactions with DC staff we are able to bring back 80% of our servers online and most of the customer websites working fine without any issues. Remaining servers will be back online in few hours.
Thanks for your cooperation and patience.

I apologize in advance for this – most of my sites are down too. This is just one of those Un-predicable things.



Hello again all my dear friends! Very Happy

As most of you know, I have dyed a purple streak through my hair this week.
I have constantly been asked (usually with a disgusted tone) ‘why on earth would I do such a thing’.
For the most part, everyone I have talked to about it has been quite negative to the idea, and has made an effort to let me know their opinion. I have even flat out had people stop talking to me because of this. (yes, sadly, I’m quite serious)
*laughs* I’ve had someone, upon hearing that I was doing my hair purple, turn to my mum and ask her “And you’re allowing your daughter to do this?! Why are you letting her rebel like this?!” (My mother quite calmly responded with a sweet “If I thought it was an act of rebellion, I’d have problems with it. I’d be more concerned if I had a different daughter, but since it’s Danica , it doesn’t concern us at all and we support her in this.” -I love that woman! Smile *laughs*)
My parents are supporting me in this, we have discussed this a lot, and they understand my thoughts on this.

Anyway, the answer to that question “Why on earth are you dyeing your hair?” is:
I have several reasons why…
#1- Because I am celebrating my Freedom of my Faith! I’m making a stance and celebrating the fact that my God is a God of freedom! He doesn’t have a restriction of hair color, He’s doesn’t say “I’m sorry… I’m only accepting Brunettes into My presence now. You have a purple streak in your hair, you’re not allowed to pray to me. I don’t accept prayers from purple haired girls.”
His love is extended to all people, with all different types of hair color, skin color, and face shapes. We are free to color our hair, wear make up, and wear funky colored clothes.

#2- When I first announced the fact that I was coloring my hair, a lot of my friends who are not Christians were thrilled and some have been talking to me more since.
I think this may be an interesting way to be able to “connect” with more kids who are lost and need Christ. They feel like I’m “getting to their level” and making an effort to reach them.
Erin also encouraged me in this, when we were talking about her hair (she colored it BRIGHT pink! Very Happy), she told me that she constantly had people come up to her and ask her about her hair and just start talking to her.
While she’s out shopping or something about 9 times out of 10 she’ll have at least one person ask her about her hair.
WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY TO PREACH THE GOSPEL, EH? Very Happy Truly, having people come to you to talk is an amazing gift to spread the Word!
“Why do people come to you when you have funky colored hair” you ask? Good question. Wink Razz Because they feel like they can connect with you on a level that other people won’t understand. -Yes, that sounds very silly, but do you feel like you can talk to kids who aren’t Christians about your hard-core passion for Christ, and expect them to be able to relate? I don’t. I know they can’t relate to that. At the same time, a reserved little Christian girl who always wears dresses, can’t relate to those who color their hair funky colors.

#3- I’m trying to make a stand and show that Christians are not just the quiet, meek, skirt and tennis shoe wearing, ‘uncool’ freaks. Wink *laughs* We can be cool, fun loving, social, kids too! Wink I’m always being labeled “the good little Christian girl, who always wears skirts to church, who always wears modest clothing, whose daddy is a traveling pastor, and who reaches out the other ‘good little Christian girls’ through online ministry”. It just gets old.
Yes, I LOVE my Maidens of Modesty website! I love the girls on there, and I love ministering through the website to my girls. But I also want to reach out to the unsaved girls!

And last, but not least #4- I just like it! Razz It’s something completely new and random, and I wanted something new, random, and a tad bit wild. Wink

So, my dears… that is why I have dyed my hair purple!
Any questions, comments, or exclamations are welcome. Wink *laughs*

*hugs to ya’ll*
Blessings from our Most High, loving, kind, gracious and amazing Father!
Your sister in Christ,

P.S. I wanted to thank EVERYONE who has been supportive of it! Very Happy Seriously it blesses me for those of you who have encouraged me! (Even if I do get a lot of teasing jokes about it. Wink *pokes and hugs*)


Picture this…
You’re newly engaged! He’s SO handsome; he’s everything you had dreamed and more!
He loves you more than he can express. He’s promised to always love you, and you know you can always trust him to protect you.
His love for you is something you can just feel when he is around, and you have promised to love him back.
You can’t stop thinking about him!  You giggle every time you hear his name, and you have a huge smile every time you see his face.

You love telling people some of the sweet things he has said and done for you; it makes you feel special.

When he’s gone, you long to hug him and can’t wait for him to return.

Can you imagine it?
That is how my friends have told me it is to be in love.
Perhaps for some it will not be as extremely romantic, but you still understand the feeling.

It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?
You can easily picture yourself in that situation, can’t you?
I know I can.

Here is a question that I had to ask myself though…

If this is how it will be with my future earthly bridegroom, why is it not like this with my future Spiritual Bridegroom?
Christ is our future Bridegroom! (Many times over Christ has referred Himself as our Bridegroom.)

Why is my relationship with Christ not like this?

Sometimes I do feel that much in love with Him. I long for His presence when I feel that He has ‘left me’. I can FEEL His love for me when I read scripture and sing worship songs. I smile and laugh every time I hear His name. I LOVE telling people some of the things He has done and spoken to us through His word. Every day, I promise to love Him back.

Yet… it is not a constant deep love. There are days where I lose myself in my sin and am frustrated over something, or worried, or sad, or agitated. I forget my deep love for my future Bridegroom, and set Him aside as I make my emotions and sin more important in my heart.

How this must break His heart. He, my Spiritual fiance, has given me everything I have and, no matter how many times I put Him aside, He still loves me deeply!

So, my challenge this week, and hopefully forever more… shall be to always put Christ first; before my sinful feelings and my emotional worries. Before thoughtless and unjustified comments about things that annoy me. I shall remember my Spiritual Bridegroom, and smile. I shall sing His praise and laugh, and enjoy His presence in every moment. I will take comfort in His arms, and rejoice in His love for me!


Side note:
In this last year it seems like dozens of my friends are getting married, or are engaged, or are having their first children, or in a deep relationship with someone. (I cannot tell you HOW many weddings we have over the next year!)

On rare occasions I find myself almost wanting that, because some of them seem so happy. (It is very rare, mind, but it still happens sometimes.)

I have to stop and remind myself that Christ IS my Bridegroom, and if I have an earthly relationship and do not have Him… everything is worthless. I remind myself how no human being’s love can compare to my Spiritual Bridegroom’s love. Even though I cannot exactly see Him, I can see His beauty and works through other people… And THAT, my friends, is a love worth having.

I wanted to tell you that so, if by any chance, you struggle with that on rare occasions too, you can celebrate your future wedding to your future Bridegroom too!

These past few weeks, one of my close friends in Christ has been facing a lot of opposition for his faith and moral stances from a source that he thought was a place of encouragement for him. He has really been under constant ‘attack’ from the enemy because of this. Which, of course, he has brought to the Lord and Father has strengthened him to handle it well.

This has been a constant point of prayer in our household and in his.
Last night, while I was sorting through some old papers of notes that I took while reading a book called “Christ Our Mediator” by C.J. Mahaney, I found some quotes that applied to his situation. (As well as many others that I’m sure we all have lived through.)

Here is a quote from Mr Mahaney’s book:
“In our time of deepest affliction, none of us find any comfort by endlessly focusing on that suffering.
There is an element of mystery in all our suffering, and in this life we can’t fully understand it, yet we face a subtle temptation to relive and review our suffering.
That’s an exercise that will never bring rest and release.
What will bring rest and release is spending more time meditating on the cross and the God of the cross.”

I had to stop to think about that for a minute…
How many times do I want to hold onto an offense that someone has committed against me? (Or that I have felt like someone else has committed against me)
How often do I find myself ‘suffering’ and I feel beaten and only want to dwell on my feelings on it instead of refocusing on the cross?
How often am I lost in my own sin, and not releasing it to Father?
What am I still holding onto that I have not handed over to Christ for Him to bear?

Christ sacrificed Himself, gave Himself up, so that I could be free from this sin! I am yet sinning against Him to dwell on my own suffering, and not willingly handing it over to Him and allowing His precious blood that was spilled on my behalf to wash me clean.

As I went on in my notes I found another quote from the same book.
In it Mr Mahaney asks a question that hit me right in the heart.
He says… “In your own time of severe distress, which are you more aware of -your suffering or your salvation?”

What a powerful question to ask myself “Which am I more aware of, my own pain and suffering? Or Christ’s suffering on my part, so that I may be free?”

The next time I go through a trial or hardships I must remember to remind myself to realize how insignificant my own suffering really is, and how great Christ’s suffering on the cross for me was.
No matter what I have gone through in the past, and no matter what I shall go through in the future, it shall never compare to what Christ went through on the cross. For I shall always have Father grace me with His overpowering presence, He shall be by my side guiding me, protecting me and most importantly loving me. But Christ… He was separated from the face of God, and suffered through something that we could never imagine.

I’m praying that each and everyone of you will realize the amazing glory of the gift of the cross this Easter!
With all my love,

I’m sorry? What happened to our free country?!
Have you read this? (links provided below)
California has made homeschooling illegal!
I’m sorry… but the last time I read the Constitution of the United States it sure looked like we had every right to chose our own education.

I understand that our Government doesn’t like homeschooling because they can’t tightly control it.
But this has gone WAY too far!
Banning Self Education?
The legislation that passed this law was not thinking this through.
If we ban Self Education that means that we cannot teach our children how to talk, read, walk, or any basic thinking skills at home. Self Education is something far more than just homeschooling.
Every time we pick up a book we educate ourselves! Soooo… all the libraries need to be destroyed? Books will be thrown out and burned on the street like the Nazis used to do?

This is something we need to stand up for, people!
First it’s our education… the next thing they’ll try to control is our Religion.
Make a STAND against a controlling Government!!!


I burst through the front door out onto the cement porch of our old 1925 brick house. The sun was shining, and the sky was BRIGHT blue with fluffy white clouds, a perfect spring day! I was probably the happiest 8 year old there was. (Or at least I liked to think so)
Mother had bought new flowers to plant throughout the yard, like she always did.

Mum was out in the side yard on her hands and knees digging up dirt and planting the little buds of flowers in the ground. I was excited to help her.
This year was different, this year I was a ‘big girl’ and mum was giving me my own flower to take care of by myself! She had given me a small Peony plant to grow in my little garden.
Mum looked up at me, patted the ground next to her and asked “Come help me, sis?”.

She showed me how to get the little roots into the ground, gently cover them with dirt, and pat the dirt down firmly around it. My little peony was now getting used to it’s new ‘home’.
I was thrilled! (You can’t blame me! “Your own little flower” is a big deal to an 8 year old! *laughs* )
I went into the big old white wood garage to fetch my watering can. I filled it up from the nearest garden hose, and took it over to give ‘my little flower’ a drink.

For weeks I babied my little flower. I named it “Lucy” after my favorite character from the Snoopy comic.
I loved to watch it grow day by day, bigger and bigger. First from a small baby bud, then ever so slowly into a mostly full bloomed flower!
I would proudly show grandma and all my friends my flower, and they would “ooh” and “ahh” accordingly. I was a proud parent. 😉

As it would get bigger, I could slowly start to see the petals start to peek out and show their true beauty. One by one they would unfold and bloom into this exquisite flower.

My little neighbor boy, Mitchell, loved to tease me. He was a large 7 year old who thought it was fun to torment kids. He used to have his buddies around and come over to my yard when I had a neighbor girl over, they would gang up on us and tell us that they were going to kiss us whether we liked it or not, and would chase us around the block trying to catch us.
I don’t know what was appealing about tormenting us girls, especially since some of us had decent right hooks.

One day Mitchell was feeling quite mischievous and was threatening to hit me with a baseball bat if I didn’t let him play on my swing. (*sighs* What is it that makes boys think that they can solve everything by physical force?) I was rather mad, and told him “No he still couldn’t play on my swing set today” and ran into the house to keep from being creamed by his bat. He was a boy of his word, and I knew he’d probably hit me if he felt like it.

He was mad, and I knew it. But I was a stubborn little girl, and when I said no I meant it!
Twenty minutes later I felt it was probably safe to go back outside, since his dad was now home and had called him into supper.
I went back outside to play again, and go see if Ashley (my favorite neighbor) could come out and play with me.
When I found out that Ashley was not done with dinner yet, I went over to check on my flower to water it again.

As I rounded the edge of the house, I stopped dead in my tracks. There it was… my flower! It had been plucked, petal by petal. Dozens of its precious petals all scattered around it. It hadn’t even fully bloomed yet!
My dear peony robbed of its beauty and thrown aside as if it was garbage.

To say the least, I was not so nice to Mitchell after that. I was rather quick tempered back then (… still am. But mercifully, God has given me the self-control to keep from losing my cool. *winks*), and I didn’t have much grace for Mitchell’s cruelty towards my little flower.

The reason, ladies (and gentlemen) that I am telling you all this story is to explain to you that our purity is like my peony. (I know that sounds like a bad analogy, but hear me out on this please. *laughs*)
We are each given a ‘flower’ of purity to take care of, protect and watch grow in beauty.

But, if we are not careful with it our culture’s views on “romance” will, like my neighbor boy, pluck our flower one petal at a time, until the beauty of it is scattered into the wind.
Even now it threatens to destroy your flower….
-Romance movies that tell us how a “romance” should be in Hollywood’s opinion. (*plucks one petal*)
-Ads on the television that promote a woman in a sexual way. (*plucks another petal*)
-We allow ourselves to fall into a crush and start to like someone in a romantic way without focusing it on Christ. (*plucks another petal*)
-“Drooling” over an actor over his looks. (*plucks another petal*)
-Allowing our eye to be caught by a girl in skimpy clothing on the street. (*plucks yet another petal*)

Slowly, one by one, our petals are being plucked…

Someone asked me “If it’s just for fun and not permanent, why can’t we just have little romances? Just have a boyfriend for a while, don’t kiss or have sex, just be boyfriend and girlfriend for a while… there’s no harm in it!”
But the truth is, yes, there IS harm in it.
By allowing ourselves to be involved in that, WE are the ones plucking our own petals off our flowers of purity. Soon, we won’t have anything left of our flower but stems and leaves.

That, my dear friends, is why protecting ourselves is important. Even if we seem like we’re over-protecting ourselves sometimes.
We have so much to lose, and it is so important that we shield and protect our flowers of purity. We need to baby it and nurture it, only then can we have the pleasure of watching it grow and bloom to its full beauty.

Now, I know the boys have probably lost interest in this, or think that I am only writing to girls, but I am not. Your purity is just as precious as ours.
Some of you are probably humiliated to think of your purity as a flower, and that’s fine, I understand. So think of it as a jewel instead. Try to imagine yourself as a Knight protecting a precious jewel that was given to you to keep safe. 😉

Whatever analogy you want to use when you think of your purity, I hope you all join me in the fight to protect it.
It is not ours to play with, we’re saving it for our future spouses, and most importantly for God.
I assure you, it will not be a vain quest! 😉

*hugs to all* I hope this makes sense!
Any questions and comments are always welcome, as usual.

Blessings from the Most High God, the One who has bestowed the sweet and dear gift or your purity to you!
In Christ’s love and my own,

Hello again all my dear friends!

This week has been interesting for us. Again and again we have been allowed to witness God’s everlasting mercy and grace for us!
It has been a delight to be able to share in this with my family and friends. God has done some amazing things before in the past, with my family, so you could say that I should be used to it by now.  I pray I never am. I love to be amazed at God’s work no matter how big or small!

Anyway, back to the point… I have been pondering on what to write about next. I am still SO full of information and ideas on Relationships, Faith and True Love that I cannot decide where to go to next because I have so many directions.

So here are my questions to you guys.
What do you want to read about next?
What questions do you have about ‘The Lies of Love’?
What are you struggling with that you would like to discuss?
Would you like more stories, bible verses, or ramblings?

What is it that you think about the most when it comes to Relationships and True Love?

Please just post your questions, or topics to talk about, I’d love to discuss it with you!
Can’t wait to hear from you all…
Many blessings and much love from the Father above!
Your sister in Christ,

“Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.
No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us
and his love is made complete in us.” ~1st John 4:11-12

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