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I’m in love with someone. He’s not like any other. There never could be another like Him.

He loves me more than anyone else. He asked me to love Him and live for Him.

I knew my choice would change my life forever. Once I made the decision, there would be no going back.

He would be my life now. I knew there would be a price to pay for my decision too. It would be paid for with blood… not my blood, but His.

He is my one true Love. Very few will ever understand that. Those that don’t will try to separate us, but they will fail.

Evil surrounds me, trying to crush me and bring me down. But He never lets them get near enough to touch me. He always protects me, as He promised to.

When He speaks, my heart stops. I know His voice, I dream about it day and night. I know His touch, I feel it with me always. I know His heart, He shares it with me always.

His love for me is overpowering. But yet constant. There is nothing that I can do to change that. I know there is nothing that can separate us.

I have made my choice. I am His. Always. I know it will be hard. But it’s such a small price to pay to live in His love, and know Him like I could know no other. And when death comes to take me away, I know it is just the beginning of my life forever with Him. My dearest love.

My dear girls,

You’re probably wonder “Are you writing a romance novel, Danica?”  Well… Not exactly. I’m writing of my love and relationship with Christ.

I’ve just recently seen Twilight, the movie. I read the books a while back (A friend of mine sent the first book to me as a Christmas present 2 years ago), and both liked and disliked them.

One of the things that I strongly disliked is the seed of lust that reading these books quietly plants into the hearts of the young girls who read them. It is a beautiful story in it’s own way, it brings forth a view of how God truly created the roles of men and women to be. (The man being the protector and the provider, and the woman being the supporter and seeing him for who he strives to be.)
Though it’s beautiful, it still is poison in some ways. By putting the good morals of Edward in a romantic story of lust, the author (though unintentionally) feeds you the sweet and decadent taste of chocolate moose and slips cyanide into it. What is sweet and romantic is also deadly.

Today, as I was talking to a fellow Christian young woman about this blog, she encouraged me to make sure that everyone understood my heart on this.
I am different.
I know a lot of people who read romance books cannot help but “Awaken Love Early” (as Song of Solomon 8:4 talks about. “I adjure you, O daughters, that you not stir up or awaken love until it pleases”), and have it start to claw at their hearts, and they start to desire to have a love of their own.
But for me I don’t have that desire, I read the books and think “Wow, that is beautiful” and see how it connects to my relationship with Christ. -Which I will get to in a moment.

So, something that does not effect me, may offend or hurt someone else.  -Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying that makes me better. Not at all. Just that I am different, and that is how Father has created me to be.

Basically what I am trying to say is, PLEASE talk to your parents and maybe even a deep Christian friend who knows you and your heart BEFORE you read these books or watch the movie. Ask them if they think this series will mislead you and injure you, or if they think you are someone who will not be affected by it.

Now, as for how I see the resemblance of my relationship with Christ in Twilight…

Edward has an uncontrollable urge to be overprotective of Bella, he can read people’s thoughts and gets edgy even when someone looks at her in a lustful way.
Christ is the same way with us, dear girls. He is very protective of us, and keeps us safe from things we could not imagine that could happen to us.

Bella loves Edward whole heartedly, and she’s willing to change her ways (in this case, become a Vampire like him) to stay with him for as long as she can, and be able to love him more.
Like Bella, we should be willing to lay down everything, even our very lives, for Christ and our love for Him.

Bella and Edward know that there can be no other person they could ever love as much as they love each other. When they are away from each other, they both burn to be with one another.
The same is with my love for Christ. I know I can NEVER love anyone (or anything) more than I love Christ. When I am in sin, and have stepped away from His love, I ache to be back again. It burns a hole in my chest. (Worse than Bella’s in New Moon. 😉 :P)

Edward treasures Bella, like she was air itself. He goes out of his way to bless her, and let her know that she is his precious one.
We are dearly beloved in Christ’s eyes, and He treasures us like we cannot comprehend! He is constantly showering us in blessings, if we just let Him.

Bella is weak and knows it, she has her faults and is clumsy. She is astounded that someone so amazing and beautiful as Edward can love someone like her so much. She leans on Edward and his strength, and depends upon him to hold her up when she falls.
The same should be how we are with Christ. We are weak, and we are utterly dependent upon Him, and His strength (not our own) to keep us from falling. And should CONSTANTLY be amazed that Jesus can love us so much, when we are such a weak and clumsy being, full of problems.

Edward knows Bella is created for him (in the books he talks about waiting for her for years, and knows that she was created for him, and vice versa), and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make her his bride.
We are made for Christ, and Christ alone. And He has laid down His life to free us from the bonds of Hell, and to allow us the freedom to be His Bride. (The bible constantly refers to Christ as the Bridegroom, and Christians, the body of Christ -that’s us, dear girls- as the Bride.)

Are you seeing the connection? 🙂 I have plenty more if you’d like to hear it!

Now for the review of the movie itself…
(Note: this is almost a seperate blog in itself, if you’re not familiar with Twilight -both book and movie- you probably should not read further. You’ll need a to have a bit of understanding of the Twilight series to read the next part of this blog)

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you, my dear”
“You are my life now”
“I feel very protective of you”
“I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore”

What girl wouldn’t want the man who loves her to say these things to her? (Even if he is a love-sick Vampire that is struggling with not taking a bite out of her neck and sucking the life out of her.)
These are some of the lines from the famous “Edward Cullen” in the movie “Twilight”.
Yes, you guessed right, I caved and went to go see it this weekend.

Now before some of you groan and say “NOT YOU TOO!!!”, I want to explain something first.

The reason that Twilight is so addicting and popular among teenage girls is because of some of the morals in the books/movie. Edward, the strong, handsome Vampire, is utterly in love with Bella and drawn to her uncontrollably,and has a desire to protect and provide for her. That is how God created men.

Bella, loves Edward for the man he strives to be -not how his instincts make him.  She is willing to be the weaker vessel to let him lead and be the man, and follow him wherever he needs to go. That is how God created women.
Our culture tries to shove the whole “Woman of Power” thing down our throat, and we’re constantly pummeled with feminist views of the sexes sharing equal roles.

Our young women (and even men) crave to play the roles of who God has created them to be, but they don’t know how and when they even try to make an effort to be the role of a man or woman, they are beaten down and considered a freak.

No wonder Twilight is so popular. It speaks against our culture and encourages us to be men and women with differences, not androgynous blurs who have the same abilities. It gives us a desire to be what God created us.

(I’m not saying it’s a Christian book or movie, because it’s not. But it does have some good morals in them if you just look.)

Here are some of the points that I DID and DID NOT like about the movie.
(Warning: if you haven’t read the book/s there may be a few spoilers in here. I promise nothing will ruin the story for you, but it still will have some things that you wouldn’t normally see from the trailers.)

I DON’T like how you seem to be assaulted by the intense music throughout the whole movie. It may have just been because we were in the theater and in the front row, but I still felt like they put on an extra layer of heavy music to wrap your emotions into it. It almost pushed me too far and I am an auditory person who LOVES music.

I DO like how Edward makes an effort to be a gentleman. Granted, that is how he is raised. He’s quite a good example of how all boys and young men should respect women, with a few exceptions… which I’ll mention later on.

I DON’T like how Bella is so selfish and doesn’t think of others before herself. (More so in the book than in the movie.) Though she thinks she is giving up things for her loved ones, like moving away so that her mom and step-dad can have time together, despite pouting about it all the time. What purpose is giving such a gift of sacrifice if your heart is not in it and you pout about it all the time? (Father looks at the heart and the motivation, and if our hearts are not in it, the sacrifice is not a joy to Him.)

I DO like how the Cullen’s have such a high value of family. Most families these days are broken, or dysfunctional, or just flat out do not know how to act like a family. The Cullens, however, stick together and make choices that are best for everyone in the family, not just themselves.

At one point the family needs to all help get Bella to safety and they all have ‘jobs’ to do. One member of the family states their lack of concern for Bella and says they don’t care what happens to her, they won’t do their job. Doctor Cullen (the fatherly character) quickly reproves them and says “Bella is with Edward now. She’s a part of this family, and we protect our family. You will do it.” This is probably where Edward gets his standards for being a gentleman.

I DON’T like how Edward and Bella jump into a relationship and assume that all privileges and pleasures that go with a married relationship are theirs to experience in their first few weeks of knowing each other. (Minor spoiler alert: But important!) Edward startles Bella, as she’s sitting on her bed, about to go to sleep.
He says “I wanted to try something”, and leans forward to gently kiss her. Because he thirsts for her blood, he is trying to fight the temptation of mauling her to death while smooching her. (He hasn’t ever kissed a girl romantically before. -Will explain about that later) They both are thrown into a passionate frenzy and throw themselves onto her bed, where you see that she isn’t wearing any pants at all, but small undies. (It is rather gross)
They don’t really do anything because Edward stops and says that he “can’t loose control with her”, but you get the feeling that were he not a Vampire, he would have gone the whole 9 yards quite happily. (“Like a lamb to the slaughter”)

I’m sure the script writer and director wanted it to be a cute little moment of pleasure, but it truly disgusted me, and my opinion of both Edward and Bella went down a few notches.  (Not to mention the people who wrote the screenplay)

I DO like how much Charlie makes an effort to be a good father to Bella after nearly 15 years of not having a child around for longer than a week or so. Throughout the whole movie you see plenty of cute little gestures that he has made to protect Bella, and make her comfortable. Enough to make you want to say “Awww, he’s such a sweet dad. He’s making such an effort.”

My friend, who went to see it with me, and I actually did say that. 😛 We both “awwed” at Charlie’s efforts, and thought he was doing a good job at trying to restore his relationship with his daughter.

Sadly though, Bella shrugs off his efforts and doesn’t even try to see how much he is struggling with it, and she repays him with a cold shoulder while she goes off to pout about having to be in a town she doesn’t like. (Even though she made the decision to come)

I DON’T like how Jessica, Bella’s “Friend”, freely talks about showing off some of her body parts. Several outfits she wears make you cringe, and involuntarily “UGH” out loud, especially when she is prom dress hunting with some friends.

I DO like how the movie makes you remember the danger of hanging out with the Vampires. Of course you’d trust them not to eat you, but there is still the danger of their instinct to kill. It’s self control that keeps them from devouring their friends and the people that are around them every day.
That kind of self-control is very commendable. Some of us just wish we could have a portion of that kind of self-control over the Holidays with all the delicious food around. 😉

I DON’T like how the movie skips a lot from the book. There was so much more Christlike love from the Cullens, amusing scenes with various characters, a deeper perspective of Edward’s character, more family time between the Cullens and Bella, and a lot of important details of the Cullen’s story in the book that you entirely miss in the movie.

I DO like how Edward seems to be pure, and has waited patiently for his soulmate for almost 100 years now. His line of “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you, my dear” makes us believe that he has lead a pure life, even though it was lonely. Obviously it’d be easier to wait for your soulmate if you rarely ever met someone of your own kind, and those who you do meet are meat-lovers while you’re a vegetarian. (Plus the added bonus of having an instinct to eat humans sort of puts a damper on having a relationship with one of them.) But it still is commendable that he has kept himself for one woman only.

I DON’T like the age difference between Bella and Edward. Sorry, but does anyone else find it just a wee bit creepy that an 100 year old Vampire has this huge lust-crush on a 17 year old girl?
(Granted, it’s not as creepy as Doctor Who, with 19 year old Rose snogging the 900 year old Time Lord. *shudders*)

I DO like how Edward is truly scared for Bella’s soul and not just for her life here on earth. It subtly hints that they believe in Heaven and Hell. The Vampires are immortal, and Edward refuses to do that to Bella by turning her into a Vampire (something she begs him to do), for fear of what it may do to her soul. He wants her to live a mortal life, ‘as it should be’ he says, and not be ‘eternally damned’.

I DON’T like how a young Bella, at 17, thinks she can be as deeply in love with Edward as she is supposed to seem, and still be as selfish as she wants to be. There’s no suggestion that a parent should be involved in their relationship, they’re supposed to “rough it” by themselves. I’m sorry, but that’s just not how it’s supposed to be. Parents were created to help and guide, and even protect their children. Especially when they’re ONLY 17! 😦
Neither Bella, nor Edward include their families in their relationship, and they don’t even want accountability or encouragement from friends even. They just want each other, and they think that’s enough.
Bella even makes a huge effort to keep her relationship with Edward under wraps, and doesn’t say anything to her mom or dad. (Several times she starts to say something, then stops.)
Yes, I understand that she’s trying to protect the Cullens by not saying anything about her “Vampire Boyfriend and his family”, but she’s deluded herself into thinking that she can’t tell her mum about her relationship without mentioning that he’s a Vampire. (My 9 year old sister can come up with dozens of ways for Bella to tell her mom about her relationship with Edward and not give away his secret.)

I DO like how the whole Cullen family has decided to strive so hard against their instincts (and desires) and not take human life for the sake of their own needs or pleasure. It’s a long and difficult battle to become, as they call it, “vegetarians”, but the result is life for dozens of human beings. I also appreciate Doctor Cullen’s effort to save lives instead. He studied for years to become a doctor and worked very hard to be immune to the smell and sight of blood. Even when he’s just working at the Hospital you can tell that he has the respect of his fellow co-workers, and he has a deep sense of caring for his patients to the best of his abilities.

Bottom line; I don’t like Bella (not even in the books). I don’t like how they didn’t have more of the whole Cullen family. I don’t like how Robert Pattinson portrayed Edward (he seems too shy. In the books Edward is supposed to be alluring and eloquent. He needs to speak fluently and not trip over himself like Robert does). I don’t like how they don’t talk about Jasper’s abilities (that’s always fun). I miss Alice’s close friendship with Bella -they don’t have that in the movie. I don’t like how quickly Bella and Edward jump into playing kissy-face. And I didn’t like the scene in the woods when Edward decides to reveal himself completely to Bella -it seemed too rushed to me (in the book it’s more gradual, and he eased her into it, thinking that she couldn’t handle some of the facts.).

However I really like Edward’s thoughtfulness and efforts to be gentlemanly. I liked Alice -even though she wasn’t in it much. I loved how they made Doctor Cullen and Esme seem like a close mother and father -I liked their relationship together and you can tell they really love each other. I like Emmett and how he was portrayed -he was always one of my favorite characters, this just made me like him even more.  I loved Charlie and how much he wanted to be a dad -you didn’t get the full extent of this in the books, but the movies play it out nicely. And I just flat out love the morals of the Cullen family.

Even though this sounds like I hated the movie, that’s not true. I really enjoyed it!
All in all, it was a fun movie with some good morals to it.
I will probably go watch it again in theaters if it ever reaches the dollar theater. I might even try to take my mom, my 14 year old sister, and maybe even my 16 year old brother to see it as well. (He’d really like some of the fight scenes)

I think that some boys would like the action, they made sure that the movie had plenty of fun vampire fight scenes that kept you on the edge of your seat. And they had some awesome beefed up Volvo and super Jeep scenes that make you groan in appreciation for the power behind the engine. (My friend and I sat there going “Ohhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh!!! That’s such a sweet car!”)

I think that Twilight is a fun movie to just sit back and enjoy. It’s even more fun when you can watch it in a theater, and have your senses absorb all the sights and sounds that this movie has to offer.
I’d whole-heartedly suggest that you talk to a parent before going to watch this movie, and to have a deep conversation about it when you’ve seen it. It’s very good for deep discussions, and for thoughts on how your relationship with Christ should look like. (Without the lust and romantic schmoozyness.)

To be honest, I probably would not have gone to see it if I hadn’t read the book first. And I probably would not have read the book if my friend Laura wouldn’t have sent it to me as a Christmas gift a couple years ago. 🙂


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“Beautiful Girlhood” is only a little book; not some 223 pages. But contained in those pages are many treasures. While written mainly for girls entering their teenage years; I believe this book can really be for any girl or woman. Each one will get something out of it. Mabel Hale; the author, talks on many different subjects- books, friends, a pure heart, character building, obedience, modesty, and so much more. Her style of writing is easy to read and understand; and it is easy to find something to identify with. When I first read this book; it was earlier last year, and I had been going through a bit of a rough time in my life. When I read this book; certain parts made me simply want to cry, as it felt like Mrs. Hale was talking to me, personally. The book answered some questions I had about life; and encouraged me about growing into the woman God wants me to be. It helped me understand more about life; and after reading it, it made me feel very much uplifted, and almost…proud that I was a girl. 🙂 Perhaps proud isn’t the right term exactly; all I can say though is that it made me realize how precious girlhood & beyond really is; how it’s something that we should keep safe, keep safe for the Lord. 🙂

(Written by our own “Miss Krys” from Maidens of Modesty forums! :D)

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Most people today, if they thought about modesty, would probably consider it prudish, old-fashioned, or irrelevant. Choosing clothes for moral reasons has long been out of style (no pun intended!). Instead, girls wear what attracts attention or what everyone else is wearing–many of them not because they’re trying to be a stumbling block or because they are somehow worse than “us,” but only because they’ve never been shown any differently. Immodesty surrounds us every day, and to make things worse, many standards are solely cultural–in the nineteenth century, showing one’s ankle was improper, while in other countries today, wearing no head covering is indecent.

Then why do we strive for modesty at all? True modesty begins with attitudes and motives. It isn’t made up of relative standards that change over time. Just as the implication that all women must have a professional career to be valuable is demeaning rather than liberating, immodesty ends up displaying women as objects, rather than human beings whose worth is based on more than physical beauty. A girl who doesn’t flaunt her skin shows not only that she respects those around her, but that she respects herself enough to let others be attracted to her because of her internal traits–personality, intelligence, character, godliness.

At the same time, modesty doesn’t (or shouldn’t) contradict true beauty in any way. God created beauty just as He created truth and goodness, and wearing ugly, ill-fitting clothes in the name of modesty isn’t honoring to Him either. A quick read-through of Song of Solomon is enough to show that beauty is important to God.

Many people seem to think that those who support modesty do so because they are ashamed or afraid of the human body, but the opposite is true. Withholding something from the eyes of general public makes it worth more, not less. We stand for purity not only because God commands it, but because it makes more precious something that the world lost long ago.

(Written by our very own dear Alyosha from Maidens of Modesty!  Thank you SO much Aly! -If you’d like to have your article posted on Maidens of Modesty, please contact me. 🙂 We love articles on God, Modesty, Purity, Family, and other girly things.)

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Hello again everyone!

I know this is a different version of blog than I usually write, but I feel like I need to write this!
This is important to me, mostly because this is where a good deal of my passion lies, but also because of the amazing way this idea for the blog came about.
I have been wanting to write something like this for a long time, but I haven’t had the guts and I haven’t figured out how to.
This morning, I found an email in my inbox from Stu McLaren that really encouraged me and made me feel empowered to actually do this!
Here is the blog post from him: http://myideaguy.com/blog/take-a-chance-on-someone/
As I started to read this, I was so inspired! This was the work of God to encourage me to do this, this is no mere coincidence.

Thank you Stu for encouraging me and helping me get the “guts” to write this! And Thank YOU Lord for bringing this forth, and showing me how to write this!

This blog is about my close friend Paula, and the orphanage and ministry she runs in the Philippines. I am writing about this, because I have SUCH a deep passion for her ministry.
They are out there making a difference in this world! Everyone has a dream to leave their mark on this earth, or try to save the world before they die. But how many of us actually get to do that? The cemetery is the richest place in the world. It’s filled with the treasure of unfulfilled dreams. Most of us get stuck behind a desk working 9 to 5 waiting for work to get out so that we can go home to our family, heat up dinner in the microwave and turn on our favorite TV show, instead of pursuing our dreams. Doesn’t sound like saving the world to me.

But my dear friend Paula IS out there saving the world; one Filipino orphan child at a time. She is not doing it alone, she is being strengthened by her Lord God and He has been working through her to reach these communities in an overwhelmingly powerful way.

She left her family, at 15, to go join a stranger in the Philippines because she felt a strong love for this unknown country.
Now at 18 she runs the mission for four churches, one school and one orphanage in this community. The founder of the mission has come back to the US, and has left her over there to run it. (It is still HIS ministry, but she is keeping it going) Every day they makes decisions and choices that change the lives in the local community, the impact they have had on these people is amazing! The local villages have finally begun to thrive financially and Spiritually because of this ministry.

I have interviewed her, and will split up this blog series into 3 parts. The first will be about the “Past”, what got her started on this mission and what the mission looked like when she first came to the Philippines. The second will be about the “Present”, what the mission looks like now and what they need to keep thriving to be able to minister to these people. And the third will be about the “Future”, what their visions for the mission are and in their wildest dreams what it would look like in the next 2, 5 and 10 years.

Here is my interview with this dear girl;

Danica: How did the Miracle Ministries mission in the Philippines begin?

Paula: Miracle Ministries was started in February of 1997 by Bishop Dr. John B. Durrah. He went to Angeles City, Philippines and established Miracle Ministries in a small guard shack. This ministry started with four in attendance in an extremely small area in which to worship, but just look at where God has taken it in 11 years! Glory be to God alone! Brother Durrah is not shy to share the struggles he experienced in the start of this ministry.

Danica: How did you first learn about and join the Miracle Ministries mission in the Philippines?

Paula: I learned about Miracle Ministries when Dr. John Durrah, the ministry founder came and visited our church to share about the ministry and raise support. (That is our main way of support, Bro Durrah travels almost every weekend, sometimes two states in one weekend, raising support to keep the ministry funded. I have traveled with him and it is VERY tiring!) I was 15 years old at the time and knew I was called to be a missionary so we asked him if I could visit sometime. He said yes and I visited here for the first time when I was 15. After that I came home, graduated highschool and within a month was back in the Philippines. At that time bro Durrah approached me (while I was still trying to figure out a way to approach him) about coming to stay in the Philippines full time. I agreed, went back to the states and after 3 months returned to the Philippines to live.

Danica: What made you want to be a part of Miracle Ministries, rather than some other ministry?

Paula: At the time I didn’t have many reasons other than I knew that it was what God wanted. Now, I can see there is good and bad about every ministry, but here I have learned from experience and from the other people in the ministry how to trust God in everything. And how to keep a smile and a joyful attitude no matter what the circumstances are that you are facing. That is essential. Another thing is the focus of this ministry is children. The purpose is to salvage this generation. There is also outreach to adults but the main heart beat of the ministry is the kids. In a society where the children are looked down on and regarded as useless unless they are working….we provide a chance for the kids to be kids, for them to get an education and to learn about God.

When I first came here and started the youth group we began talking to them about the future. at first this was a strange concept to them because the future is not something that is talked about much in the Philippines. they literally live day to day. Usually they get paid daily (in our poor area) you can buy shampoo and toiletries by the sachet…enough for just one day. even oil is often bought in a plastic bag because people can’t afford to buy an entire bottle at once. So the future is just not thought about, especially for these kids because they assume their fate is to grow up being beggars or just working odd jobs like their parents, and producing children. When they come to miracle ministries they have hope for a future…and that hope comes through Jesus Christ. I remember once asking my youth what they wanted to be when they grew up…and I got blank stares in return. When I finally got them to answer one girl (who goes to our school and then collects trash to sell to help her family) raised her hand and said she wanted to be a nurse…then she laughed. You could just see in her eyes that she wanted to be a nurse but didn’t see how it could ever happen. We told all those kids that day that they could be anything and do anything they wanted that God had a future for them… today, you ask those same kids what they want to be they will look you in the face and some say “pastor” some say “teacher” some say “nurse” others “missionary” some just say “I want to preach the word of God”. But no matter what their answer is, the beauty of it is they have an answer, they have a goal for their lives, something they are striving for, and that is important for any one’s life! Some of their goals are impossible if you look at their situation, but with their hard work, and God’s guidance and strength we know this generation will be the ones to get out of the cultural rut of poverty and despair that their family has been in for generations!

Danica: What were some of the things that were hardest to get used to down there?

Paula: Seeing the poverty on a daily basis was very hard at first, especially as a young girl it was hard not to go around crying… but the thing I like about our ministry is that we aren’t just ‘giving them a fish’ but we are ‘teaching them to fish’ they get fed and helped for today but the most important thing we are doing is teaching them and helping them for their futures, on this earth and eternally.

Danica: What was one of the first things you did to help these people?

Paula: We have feeding programs for children every Saturday kids from the local communities can come and get their tummies filled, and attend Kids Klub to hear the word of God. Also at school is a continuation of the feeding program because the 100 kids also get fed everyday at school. The Kids Klubs are done at every church…we have 4 churches and we are reaching out to a total of 7 communities!

Danica: How many people were at the church, and how many children were at the school when you first came?

Paula: The school had 54 students it now has 100. The churches when I first came were only 2. I don’t know how many people just a handful at one and maybe around 60-80 at the other now we have 4 churches. None of them running less than 30 people. One has more than 100 every week, even during typhoons.

Danica: What was your first impression of the community when you arrived?

Paula: When I first arrived here my impressions of the community was shock. The poverty is just amazing…I had seen poverty on TV and such before but it is different when you are living breathing and seeing it every step you take every day. and while I was in shock just watching the kids be totally fine with it… like it doesn’t even effect them, it doesn’t effect the way they play, or enjoy themselves, or the way they worship! But there are lots of sad parts too….the kids love being at church which is wonderful, but also sad that most all of them would rather be at the church with us than at their own homes. There are many kids that when they are at church it is the only time they have to be kids. because when they go home they are expected to work or be parents to their younger siblings. In many of the poor areas the babies are loved and cherished until they reach an age where they are “annoying” then they are left to themselves or expected to work. At 7 years old a child can have the job of taking care of 2 or 3 younger siblings. a 14 or 15 year old boy can be expected to be the bread winner of the family while the father is drunk or lazy. Other times it takes every one in the family working just for them to get by on meager meals that aren’t filling. One of the hardest things to watch is the kids getting on the school bus everyday having had their bellies filled with lunch but knowing that when they get home they will have to work and then maybe not get another meal.

Danica: How would you explain the “state” of the community, that your mission now surrounds, when you first came?

Paula: For one thing there are open sewers in little canals. the canals run to another location, when heavy rains come the canals and streets flood…use your imagination. 🙂 haha! Ive had to clean up after that…its not fun!

There are small, meager “homes” that the people live in. Gambling on the streets is common. Even the kids know how to gamble. Anyone can buy beer and cigarettes, I’ve seen mere little children buying beer and cigarettes for their parents…but the sad part is after a few years they are already used to buying it for their parents and they will probably follow suit unless some one intervenes.

Kids are really left to themselves…I’ve seen kids come to school and for 3 years never get rid of their runny noses because of lack of nutrition. other kids don’t even bathe because no one makes them. These people live in condition with no running water and they use a pump to get water, sometimes their neighbor’s pump because the houses are so close together. I know 4 families who live in one house that they have separated into 4 … they all share 1 bathroom! about 24 people!

Beggars are everywhere and people sleeping on the streets is a normal sight. In a way, if you live here you almost have to become cold-hearted to it to an extent, or you will never get anything done because of your weeping heart. Kids without shoes, kids without parents, kids with drug addict parents, or parents that don’t care a thing about them…these are things I see everyday. Kids in the streets begging for a few coins… and when they get home the few coins they have begged maybe taken from them from their siblings so their older siblings can buy drugs.

Public school here is a joke. 50 kids to one teacher is normal. There is no individual focus on the students. A child can graduate highschool and still not know how to read! We have a 16 year old at our school right now that graduated highschool… she is now in our “learning to read’ program. Her parents enrolled her because her younger sister (who attended 1 year at our school before her older sister) could read better than the highschool graduates. Other students go to school, put their bag inside the classroom, and then walk outside to play all day, and the teacher does nothing about it because at least that is one less student for them to worry about.

The kids here are told and shown by society that they are nothing…that they are worth nothing and they will never be anything! That is what we are trying to reverse. We tell them that no matter what their situation is now… they can change that with God and through hard work! At first they were skeptical but now they believe it… they want to change they want to be something they want to change the tradition of poverty that they have always known! And they will!!!

You can read the ‘story of 2 girls’ on my blog… that is the true story of the 2 girls that I took care of the 3rd time I came here… they are still in our home for children today.

A meal for some people is a small handful of rice, and then soy sauce to help it go down. (I’ve eaten that 😛 Rice and soy sauce baby…nothing like it, but knowing there are people who eat that everyday is really hard to imagine.) If they do have meat, chicken or whatever, none of it is wasted. They eat chicken feet, chicken intestine, all of it!
Fish is a common food too. But always with rice. Rice is the ‘main dish’ and then you have a ‘side dish’ of meat, or veggies, or whatever. But really just a side dish portion, the rest is all rice…MUCH cheaper this way.

Danica: If you had a chance to begin your mission all over again, what would you do differently?

Paula: When they started they originally focused on the adults not the kids, as many ministries do in the Philippines. Even the churches don’t expect anything out of the kids. The vision God has given us is to change the Philippines through this generation. Start while they are young… the old ones are traditional and set in their ways, but the young kids have hearts open and hungry for the truth… and through reaching out to the kids the parents are coming to know Jesus through the witness of their children! Through the change in the lives of their
children, the parents also come to church to see what it is that has changed their kids lives! It’s really exciting to see.

To be continued…

For more information on Miracle Ministries in the Philippines go to http://www.miracleministriesphilippines.com

Next blog on Paula’s ministry:
How I know Paula and her ministry, and why I love her mission.
What the local community looks like now that the mission has been able to touch more lives.
What a normal day looks like on the the mission compound.
And much more!!!!

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Hello again, all my dear Christian friends!

I have come back to write more about what has been laid on my heart, and what God has done in me and is working with me on recently.
If you haven’t read my last note “Hardcore Christianity: Building the Relationship”, you might want to take a peek at the first part at least. 😉 That explains what these blogs are about and why I am writing them.
Here’s a clip from it, hopefully it’ll help you understand this better:
I have really been impacted recently to write blogs on intense ‘Hardcore Christianity’ topics that have been on my heart. (Note: My purpose in writing these is to encourage Christians in their walk with God and to help them build their own knowledge of The Most High. I have no intention to appear “holier than thou”, because I know I am NOT! I just want to encourage people to have a deep, burning passion and love for their Lord and Savior!) I’m not going to be formal, and I’m not going to stand up on a soap box and preach at you. I want to stand among you, as a fellow Christian seeking His face, and share my heart with everyone.
Quick warning: Because I am not blogging in a more “formal way”, my passion sticks out like a sore thumb in this blog. I have been told that sometimes my passion can be overwhelming in a bad way, I pray that that is not the case in this blog, but I feel like I just need to warn you that it could be possible. 😉

The topic for this blog is “Recognizing the Hand of the Master”.
What does that mean?
Good question, I was just about to answer that. 😉 😛
Basically it means seeing God in everything; the mundane, the random, the simple, the chaotic, the exquisite, the abnormal, the trials, the terrors… everything.

This one was very hard for me. I never thought about seeing GOD in everything. I always thought that God was in the beautiful or the awe-inspiring only.
Oh my, was I wrong! 😉

Let me explain a bit here.
I constantly would have something happen, and assume it’s something bad. “Ohhh no. This door closed in our life. That probably means that we did something wrong and God can’t work with it, or He’s punishing us for something we did before.” That’s so easy to assume, but it’s a wrong mindset!
Well, for starters, it is belittling the Cross. If Christ has already died for us and for our sins then why does God still have to punish us for our sins? That is saying that the Cross was not enough, that it didn’t cover everything.
It’s like going up to Jesus and saying “Oh yeah… um, you know that whole ‘death on the cross’ thing that you did for every one’s sin? Well, it’s not going to be enough, it just won’t cut it. You’ll have to do it again, or they’ll have to make up for what you didn’t cover. Sorry!” *laughs* Imagine the response we’d get from Him! 😉

Not only does it belittle the cross, but it is putting God down assuming that He cannot work through what we perceive as “bad” and create it into something beautiful for His glory!

Have you ever seen someone create pottery out of clay? They throw that big slab of disgusting brown goo up on their table and start molding it.
What if the vase collector came in right when the creator was starting to make their masterpiece? They look at it and think “EW! What’s that brown mess he’s got his fingers stuck in? I don’t want that!” and move on. But if he waits to see the outcome, after the master has molded the pottery, heat it up and painted it, he can see the beauty of the vase as it was meant to be. He can enjoy the full blessing of the masterpiece that the potter created for him.

It’s the same thing with our lives. We see something horrible and think “EW! What’s this mess we have ourselves stuck into! I don’t want this!!!!” and try to get out of it, running away quickly. But if we wait and let God finish creating the situation in our lives, we are able to reap the blessing of the ‘masterpiece’ that our Potter has created for us! 😉

It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? “Just wait and let God handle things and try to be positive while you’re in the hard situations”, right? *laughs* If only that were so.
This is something God has tried to teach me time and time again! Every time I get a little bit closer to understanding the meaning of this lesson. I won’t lie… this is hard!

When you are in a stressful situation, it’s not easy to stop and see God’s hand in your life.
Even people who we see as some of the greatest Spiritual figures in biblical times had a hard time letting God take care of everything.

Think of Joseph, I can imagine he was having trouble trusting God when he was beaten and thrown in a pit by his own brothers. But God brought him through it!
He then was stuck on the slave market. Is that an easy process to go through? Of course it’s not!! But he trusted God, and the Lord was faithful and put him in Potiphar’s house and helped him make his way up to chain of command to head slave.
He then found himself stuck in prison, do you think it was easy to trust God in that? What a depressing and discouraging situation to be in!!!!
Yet…. what did God do? He took the “bad/horrid” mess of a situation that Joseph was in and turned it into a beautiful masterpiece!

Think of Job! He was rich in more ways than one. He was a strong Christian!
Do you think it was easy for Job to praise God and think that God has a bigger plan for his life when almost everything that he held dear to him was destroyed or taken away from him?
Out of nowhere God started taking everything away from Him. He did not know why God was doing something that seemed so horrible in his eyes.
But yet he still made an effort to trust God in everything and let Him finish shaping the pottery. When Father was done, the finished masterpiece was breath taking, and it brought inspiration and encouragement to fellow Christians for THOUSANDS of years afterwards.
(Do you think that if Job knew that his story would be told for thousands and thousands of years later, that his sufferings from his trials would have been much easier for him to bear? Personally, I think they would. But we shall never know. ;))

I am constantly struggling with this. As an excessively energetic being I get very excited about something. (It could be just about anything!) And so I get all excited and happy about what God has brought forth, then one thing doesn’t go right and I just feel so bummed. Without thinking I just lose that excitement, sometimes it seems like a catastrophe.
I have to make a huge effort to remember that even when the world looks like it’s going wrong in my human eyes, nothing is out of place in Father’s hands. If I just let Him handle it, it will be taken care of. If I try to handle it myself… it will just fall to pieces.

That is seeing God in the harder situations in life. What about seeing Him in the better times of life?
This was my favorite part of this lesson!
Walking out in the woods and having the stunning silence and serene stillness surround me is truly ministering to my soul, if I allow myself to be soaked up into the moment I can just feel the Lord’s presence in the woods.
Watching the sunset over the lake with my family can be such an exhilarating experience, I can almost see God in that!
When I’m in a room full of children and all I hear is laughing, I can’t help but smile and just “hear” God in their joy!

Does this sense to anyone? (Truly, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. 😉 I’m not sure if I explained this well or not.)

So, before I leave you, dear ones, I would like to encourage you all (as I hope you will also encourage me) to make an effort to see God this week. In good or bad, whatever happens, try to take a moment and see HIM in His glory! 😀
I also would like to ask you guys to encourage me to do the same, if I am ever down or bummed about something. 😉 (I know a lot of you already do, and I cannot TELL you how much that means to me! It blesses me so much, you guys! Thank you! *HUGE hugs*)

With that, my brothers and sisters, I will pop off and leave you to the rest of your day!
Thanks for taking the time to read this!!!
With tons of love, and for HIS glory,

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I burst through the front door out onto the cement porch of our old 1925 brick house. The sun was shining, and the sky was BRIGHT blue with fluffy white clouds, a perfect spring day! I was probably the happiest 8 year old there was. (Or at least I liked to think so)
Mother had bought new flowers to plant throughout the yard, like she always did.

Mum was out in the side yard on her hands and knees digging up dirt and planting the little buds of flowers in the ground. I was excited to help her.
This year was different, this year I was a ‘big girl’ and mum was giving me my own flower to take care of by myself! She had given me a small Peony plant to grow in my little garden.
Mum looked up at me, patted the ground next to her and asked “Come help me, sis?”.

She showed me how to get the little roots into the ground, gently cover them with dirt, and pat the dirt down firmly around it. My little peony was now getting used to it’s new ‘home’.
I was thrilled! (You can’t blame me! “Your own little flower” is a big deal to an 8 year old! *laughs* )
I went into the big old white wood garage to fetch my watering can. I filled it up from the nearest garden hose, and took it over to give ‘my little flower’ a drink.

For weeks I babied my little flower. I named it “Lucy” after my favorite character from the Snoopy comic.
I loved to watch it grow day by day, bigger and bigger. First from a small baby bud, then ever so slowly into a mostly full bloomed flower!
I would proudly show grandma and all my friends my flower, and they would “ooh” and “ahh” accordingly. I was a proud parent. 😉

As it would get bigger, I could slowly start to see the petals start to peek out and show their true beauty. One by one they would unfold and bloom into this exquisite flower.

My little neighbor boy, Mitchell, loved to tease me. He was a large 7 year old who thought it was fun to torment kids. He used to have his buddies around and come over to my yard when I had a neighbor girl over, they would gang up on us and tell us that they were going to kiss us whether we liked it or not, and would chase us around the block trying to catch us.
I don’t know what was appealing about tormenting us girls, especially since some of us had decent right hooks.

One day Mitchell was feeling quite mischievous and was threatening to hit me with a baseball bat if I didn’t let him play on my swing. (*sighs* What is it that makes boys think that they can solve everything by physical force?) I was rather mad, and told him “No he still couldn’t play on my swing set today” and ran into the house to keep from being creamed by his bat. He was a boy of his word, and I knew he’d probably hit me if he felt like it.

He was mad, and I knew it. But I was a stubborn little girl, and when I said no I meant it!
Twenty minutes later I felt it was probably safe to go back outside, since his dad was now home and had called him into supper.
I went back outside to play again, and go see if Ashley (my favorite neighbor) could come out and play with me.
When I found out that Ashley was not done with dinner yet, I went over to check on my flower to water it again.

As I rounded the edge of the house, I stopped dead in my tracks. There it was… my flower! It had been plucked, petal by petal. Dozens of its precious petals all scattered around it. It hadn’t even fully bloomed yet!
My dear peony robbed of its beauty and thrown aside as if it was garbage.

To say the least, I was not so nice to Mitchell after that. I was rather quick tempered back then (… still am. But mercifully, God has given me the self-control to keep from losing my cool. *winks*), and I didn’t have much grace for Mitchell’s cruelty towards my little flower.

The reason, ladies (and gentlemen) that I am telling you all this story is to explain to you that our purity is like my peony. (I know that sounds like a bad analogy, but hear me out on this please. *laughs*)
We are each given a ‘flower’ of purity to take care of, protect and watch grow in beauty.

But, if we are not careful with it our culture’s views on “romance” will, like my neighbor boy, pluck our flower one petal at a time, until the beauty of it is scattered into the wind.
Even now it threatens to destroy your flower….
-Romance movies that tell us how a “romance” should be in Hollywood’s opinion. (*plucks one petal*)
-Ads on the television that promote a woman in a sexual way. (*plucks another petal*)
-We allow ourselves to fall into a crush and start to like someone in a romantic way without focusing it on Christ. (*plucks another petal*)
-“Drooling” over an actor over his looks. (*plucks another petal*)
-Allowing our eye to be caught by a girl in skimpy clothing on the street. (*plucks yet another petal*)

Slowly, one by one, our petals are being plucked…

Someone asked me “If it’s just for fun and not permanent, why can’t we just have little romances? Just have a boyfriend for a while, don’t kiss or have sex, just be boyfriend and girlfriend for a while… there’s no harm in it!”
But the truth is, yes, there IS harm in it.
By allowing ourselves to be involved in that, WE are the ones plucking our own petals off our flowers of purity. Soon, we won’t have anything left of our flower but stems and leaves.

That, my dear friends, is why protecting ourselves is important. Even if we seem like we’re over-protecting ourselves sometimes.
We have so much to lose, and it is so important that we shield and protect our flowers of purity. We need to baby it and nurture it, only then can we have the pleasure of watching it grow and bloom to its full beauty.

Now, I know the boys have probably lost interest in this, or think that I am only writing to girls, but I am not. Your purity is just as precious as ours.
Some of you are probably humiliated to think of your purity as a flower, and that’s fine, I understand. So think of it as a jewel instead. Try to imagine yourself as a Knight protecting a precious jewel that was given to you to keep safe. 😉

Whatever analogy you want to use when you think of your purity, I hope you all join me in the fight to protect it.
It is not ours to play with, we’re saving it for our future spouses, and most importantly for God.
I assure you, it will not be a vain quest! 😉

*hugs to all* I hope this makes sense!
Any questions and comments are always welcome, as usual.

Blessings from the Most High God, the One who has bestowed the sweet and dear gift or your purity to you!
In Christ’s love and my own,

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Hello again all my dear friends!

I hope you ALL had a wonderful Valentines day, and that you were able to bask in the love of Christ instead of the love of man! 🙂
We had a great Valentines day (despite some weird bug visit our house, making us all sick), we were able to enjoy Christ’s love in each other and had fun opening little ‘gifts’ that we had made for each other. It blessed us all to witness the little shows of love that the other members of the family were showing each other.

Have any of you read (my adopted older brother) Dave’s blog for this week? ( http://aussiejoecool.livejournal.com/1764.html )
His post on Love in general was really good, and got me thinking…
When most people think of love they automatically think of Romantic love.
But Romantic love is such a small part of love. Love comes in SO many different kinds of ways!
It can be from anything as great as God’s love for us, parent’s love for their child, pure love between a married couple, family love for each other… etc… to something small like a love for a pet, love for specific items, love for an activity.
Yet, it is what we DO with each of these loves that makes them either wonderfully beautiful or dangerously treacherous.

Allow me to give some examples…

A friend of mine had to go watch her cousin go through a horrible experience.
Kelly (her cousin) was a sweet little 16 year old Christian girl, she was beautiful and loved to do fun things. Her fun-loving nature was attractive, and she got a LOT of attention from guys. She thought that all the attention from them was funny and she liked being babied by them.
One specific guy decided to get her attention and hang out with her a lot. He convinced her that he loved her, and she believed herself in love with him. He was attractive and made her laugh, and with his excessive attention to her he made her feel special… she liked that.

Kelly convinced herself that she was in love with 19 year old Ben, and that he really loved her. But instead of revolving their love on Christ and enjoying Christ’s love through their own love, they were selfish and only considered what they both wanted out of the relationship.
Ben told Kelly that he’d love her all his life and would never like another girl. She believed him, and thought that since they both loved each other they must be made for each other, and their relationship would last forever. (It all adds up, right?) So when Ben asked Kelly to sleep with him, saying that it would be ok since they knew they would be together and get married some day, she decided to go along with it.

Kelly is now pregnant. Ben left her, he got what he wanted out of the relationship and is out looking for another girl to see what he can get out of her.
Because of her decisions for not basing her love with Ben in a way that glorifies the Lord, and involve Christ in their relationship, she is now facing the life of a single parent at just 17.
She had to drop out of high-school because of her pregnancy. She will not be able to go to college. She won’t be able to get a good job right now either. She is facing a life alone as a single mother of 17.

Sadly this is happening all over the place. Kelly is not the only one who is suffering from this treacherous love.
I understand that Kelly’s choice is not one that you would most likely make. But Kelly was not “the type of girl to make that choice” either. She was a nice little Christian girl, she just lost herself in a fake “love” that she had created for Ben, and she reacted with what she had thought was love.

We can easily fall in love with something impure. Our feelings like to lie to us sometimes, and so we lose ourselves in it without thinking. Just because it “feels good”.
We need to make an extra effort to include God in our relationships. God needs to be the base and center of EVERY single love we have. (Even if it’s just for a pet. ;))

So here are my questions for today…
Do you include God in all of your relationships?
Does your relationship with your parents reflect and glorify Christ?
How about your relationships with your friends?
Brothers and sisters?
How can you turn your love for people or things around so that it blesses Christ?

Now, before you guys jump to conclusions I just want to clarify something.
I am not claiming to have all the answers here… and I’m DEFINITELY not trying to be the little religious girl who wants to be the know-it-all. *laughs* FAR from it!
I will be the first one to tell you that all my relationships and loves that I have do not reflect God to the extent that they should.
I’m in this with you!!! We’re in this journey together, building each other up and encouraging each other to focus on God and allow Him to lead you! 😀

Please feel free to leave comments, I’d love to discuss this with you guys!
Many blessings and much love in Christ,

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