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I’m in love with someone. He’s not like any other. There never could be another like Him.

He loves me more than anyone else. He asked me to love Him and live for Him.

I knew my choice would change my life forever. Once I made the decision, there would be no going back.

He would be my life now. I knew there would be a price to pay for my decision too. It would be paid for with blood… not my blood, but His.

He is my one true Love. Very few will ever understand that. Those that don’t will try to separate us, but they will fail.

Evil surrounds me, trying to crush me and bring me down. But He never lets them get near enough to touch me. He always protects me, as He promised to.

When He speaks, my heart stops. I know His voice, I dream about it day and night. I know His touch, I feel it with me always. I know His heart, He shares it with me always.

His love for me is overpowering. But yet constant. There is nothing that I can do to change that. I know there is nothing that can separate us.

I have made my choice. I am His. Always. I know it will be hard. But it’s such a small price to pay to live in His love, and know Him like I could know no other. And when death comes to take me away, I know it is just the beginning of my life forever with Him. My dearest love.

My dear girls,

You’re probably wonder “Are you writing a romance novel, Danica?”  Well… Not exactly. I’m writing of my love and relationship with Christ.

I’ve just recently seen Twilight, the movie. I read the books a while back (A friend of mine sent the first book to me as a Christmas present 2 years ago), and both liked and disliked them.

One of the things that I strongly disliked is the seed of lust that reading these books quietly plants into the hearts of the young girls who read them. It is a beautiful story in it’s own way, it brings forth a view of how God truly created the roles of men and women to be. (The man being the protector and the provider, and the woman being the supporter and seeing him for who he strives to be.)
Though it’s beautiful, it still is poison in some ways. By putting the good morals of Edward in a romantic story of lust, the author (though unintentionally) feeds you the sweet and decadent taste of chocolate moose and slips cyanide into it. What is sweet and romantic is also deadly.

Today, as I was talking to a fellow Christian young woman about this blog, she encouraged me to make sure that everyone understood my heart on this.
I am different.
I know a lot of people who read romance books cannot help but “Awaken Love Early” (as Song of Solomon 8:4 talks about. “I adjure you, O daughters, that you not stir up or awaken love until it pleases”), and have it start to claw at their hearts, and they start to desire to have a love of their own.
But for me I don’t have that desire, I read the books and think “Wow, that is beautiful” and see how it connects to my relationship with Christ. -Which I will get to in a moment.

So, something that does not effect me, may offend or hurt someone else.  -Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying that makes me better. Not at all. Just that I am different, and that is how Father has created me to be.

Basically what I am trying to say is, PLEASE talk to your parents and maybe even a deep Christian friend who knows you and your heart BEFORE you read these books or watch the movie. Ask them if they think this series will mislead you and injure you, or if they think you are someone who will not be affected by it.

Now, as for how I see the resemblance of my relationship with Christ in Twilight…

Edward has an uncontrollable urge to be overprotective of Bella, he can read people’s thoughts and gets edgy even when someone looks at her in a lustful way.
Christ is the same way with us, dear girls. He is very protective of us, and keeps us safe from things we could not imagine that could happen to us.

Bella loves Edward whole heartedly, and she’s willing to change her ways (in this case, become a Vampire like him) to stay with him for as long as she can, and be able to love him more.
Like Bella, we should be willing to lay down everything, even our very lives, for Christ and our love for Him.

Bella and Edward know that there can be no other person they could ever love as much as they love each other. When they are away from each other, they both burn to be with one another.
The same is with my love for Christ. I know I can NEVER love anyone (or anything) more than I love Christ. When I am in sin, and have stepped away from His love, I ache to be back again. It burns a hole in my chest. (Worse than Bella’s in New Moon. 😉 :P)

Edward treasures Bella, like she was air itself. He goes out of his way to bless her, and let her know that she is his precious one.
We are dearly beloved in Christ’s eyes, and He treasures us like we cannot comprehend! He is constantly showering us in blessings, if we just let Him.

Bella is weak and knows it, she has her faults and is clumsy. She is astounded that someone so amazing and beautiful as Edward can love someone like her so much. She leans on Edward and his strength, and depends upon him to hold her up when she falls.
The same should be how we are with Christ. We are weak, and we are utterly dependent upon Him, and His strength (not our own) to keep us from falling. And should CONSTANTLY be amazed that Jesus can love us so much, when we are such a weak and clumsy being, full of problems.

Edward knows Bella is created for him (in the books he talks about waiting for her for years, and knows that she was created for him, and vice versa), and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make her his bride.
We are made for Christ, and Christ alone. And He has laid down His life to free us from the bonds of Hell, and to allow us the freedom to be His Bride. (The bible constantly refers to Christ as the Bridegroom, and Christians, the body of Christ -that’s us, dear girls- as the Bride.)

Are you seeing the connection? 🙂 I have plenty more if you’d like to hear it!

Now for the review of the movie itself…
(Note: this is almost a seperate blog in itself, if you’re not familiar with Twilight -both book and movie- you probably should not read further. You’ll need a to have a bit of understanding of the Twilight series to read the next part of this blog)

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you, my dear”
“You are my life now”
“I feel very protective of you”
“I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore”

What girl wouldn’t want the man who loves her to say these things to her? (Even if he is a love-sick Vampire that is struggling with not taking a bite out of her neck and sucking the life out of her.)
These are some of the lines from the famous “Edward Cullen” in the movie “Twilight”.
Yes, you guessed right, I caved and went to go see it this weekend.

Now before some of you groan and say “NOT YOU TOO!!!”, I want to explain something first.

The reason that Twilight is so addicting and popular among teenage girls is because of some of the morals in the books/movie. Edward, the strong, handsome Vampire, is utterly in love with Bella and drawn to her uncontrollably,and has a desire to protect and provide for her. That is how God created men.

Bella, loves Edward for the man he strives to be -not how his instincts make him.  She is willing to be the weaker vessel to let him lead and be the man, and follow him wherever he needs to go. That is how God created women.
Our culture tries to shove the whole “Woman of Power” thing down our throat, and we’re constantly pummeled with feminist views of the sexes sharing equal roles.

Our young women (and even men) crave to play the roles of who God has created them to be, but they don’t know how and when they even try to make an effort to be the role of a man or woman, they are beaten down and considered a freak.

No wonder Twilight is so popular. It speaks against our culture and encourages us to be men and women with differences, not androgynous blurs who have the same abilities. It gives us a desire to be what God created us.

(I’m not saying it’s a Christian book or movie, because it’s not. But it does have some good morals in them if you just look.)

Here are some of the points that I DID and DID NOT like about the movie.
(Warning: if you haven’t read the book/s there may be a few spoilers in here. I promise nothing will ruin the story for you, but it still will have some things that you wouldn’t normally see from the trailers.)

I DON’T like how you seem to be assaulted by the intense music throughout the whole movie. It may have just been because we were in the theater and in the front row, but I still felt like they put on an extra layer of heavy music to wrap your emotions into it. It almost pushed me too far and I am an auditory person who LOVES music.

I DO like how Edward makes an effort to be a gentleman. Granted, that is how he is raised. He’s quite a good example of how all boys and young men should respect women, with a few exceptions… which I’ll mention later on.

I DON’T like how Bella is so selfish and doesn’t think of others before herself. (More so in the book than in the movie.) Though she thinks she is giving up things for her loved ones, like moving away so that her mom and step-dad can have time together, despite pouting about it all the time. What purpose is giving such a gift of sacrifice if your heart is not in it and you pout about it all the time? (Father looks at the heart and the motivation, and if our hearts are not in it, the sacrifice is not a joy to Him.)

I DO like how the Cullen’s have such a high value of family. Most families these days are broken, or dysfunctional, or just flat out do not know how to act like a family. The Cullens, however, stick together and make choices that are best for everyone in the family, not just themselves.

At one point the family needs to all help get Bella to safety and they all have ‘jobs’ to do. One member of the family states their lack of concern for Bella and says they don’t care what happens to her, they won’t do their job. Doctor Cullen (the fatherly character) quickly reproves them and says “Bella is with Edward now. She’s a part of this family, and we protect our family. You will do it.” This is probably where Edward gets his standards for being a gentleman.

I DON’T like how Edward and Bella jump into a relationship and assume that all privileges and pleasures that go with a married relationship are theirs to experience in their first few weeks of knowing each other. (Minor spoiler alert: But important!) Edward startles Bella, as she’s sitting on her bed, about to go to sleep.
He says “I wanted to try something”, and leans forward to gently kiss her. Because he thirsts for her blood, he is trying to fight the temptation of mauling her to death while smooching her. (He hasn’t ever kissed a girl romantically before. -Will explain about that later) They both are thrown into a passionate frenzy and throw themselves onto her bed, where you see that she isn’t wearing any pants at all, but small undies. (It is rather gross)
They don’t really do anything because Edward stops and says that he “can’t loose control with her”, but you get the feeling that were he not a Vampire, he would have gone the whole 9 yards quite happily. (“Like a lamb to the slaughter”)

I’m sure the script writer and director wanted it to be a cute little moment of pleasure, but it truly disgusted me, and my opinion of both Edward and Bella went down a few notches.  (Not to mention the people who wrote the screenplay)

I DO like how much Charlie makes an effort to be a good father to Bella after nearly 15 years of not having a child around for longer than a week or so. Throughout the whole movie you see plenty of cute little gestures that he has made to protect Bella, and make her comfortable. Enough to make you want to say “Awww, he’s such a sweet dad. He’s making such an effort.”

My friend, who went to see it with me, and I actually did say that. 😛 We both “awwed” at Charlie’s efforts, and thought he was doing a good job at trying to restore his relationship with his daughter.

Sadly though, Bella shrugs off his efforts and doesn’t even try to see how much he is struggling with it, and she repays him with a cold shoulder while she goes off to pout about having to be in a town she doesn’t like. (Even though she made the decision to come)

I DON’T like how Jessica, Bella’s “Friend”, freely talks about showing off some of her body parts. Several outfits she wears make you cringe, and involuntarily “UGH” out loud, especially when she is prom dress hunting with some friends.

I DO like how the movie makes you remember the danger of hanging out with the Vampires. Of course you’d trust them not to eat you, but there is still the danger of their instinct to kill. It’s self control that keeps them from devouring their friends and the people that are around them every day.
That kind of self-control is very commendable. Some of us just wish we could have a portion of that kind of self-control over the Holidays with all the delicious food around. 😉

I DON’T like how the movie skips a lot from the book. There was so much more Christlike love from the Cullens, amusing scenes with various characters, a deeper perspective of Edward’s character, more family time between the Cullens and Bella, and a lot of important details of the Cullen’s story in the book that you entirely miss in the movie.

I DO like how Edward seems to be pure, and has waited patiently for his soulmate for almost 100 years now. His line of “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you, my dear” makes us believe that he has lead a pure life, even though it was lonely. Obviously it’d be easier to wait for your soulmate if you rarely ever met someone of your own kind, and those who you do meet are meat-lovers while you’re a vegetarian. (Plus the added bonus of having an instinct to eat humans sort of puts a damper on having a relationship with one of them.) But it still is commendable that he has kept himself for one woman only.

I DON’T like the age difference between Bella and Edward. Sorry, but does anyone else find it just a wee bit creepy that an 100 year old Vampire has this huge lust-crush on a 17 year old girl?
(Granted, it’s not as creepy as Doctor Who, with 19 year old Rose snogging the 900 year old Time Lord. *shudders*)

I DO like how Edward is truly scared for Bella’s soul and not just for her life here on earth. It subtly hints that they believe in Heaven and Hell. The Vampires are immortal, and Edward refuses to do that to Bella by turning her into a Vampire (something she begs him to do), for fear of what it may do to her soul. He wants her to live a mortal life, ‘as it should be’ he says, and not be ‘eternally damned’.

I DON’T like how a young Bella, at 17, thinks she can be as deeply in love with Edward as she is supposed to seem, and still be as selfish as she wants to be. There’s no suggestion that a parent should be involved in their relationship, they’re supposed to “rough it” by themselves. I’m sorry, but that’s just not how it’s supposed to be. Parents were created to help and guide, and even protect their children. Especially when they’re ONLY 17! 😦
Neither Bella, nor Edward include their families in their relationship, and they don’t even want accountability or encouragement from friends even. They just want each other, and they think that’s enough.
Bella even makes a huge effort to keep her relationship with Edward under wraps, and doesn’t say anything to her mom or dad. (Several times she starts to say something, then stops.)
Yes, I understand that she’s trying to protect the Cullens by not saying anything about her “Vampire Boyfriend and his family”, but she’s deluded herself into thinking that she can’t tell her mum about her relationship without mentioning that he’s a Vampire. (My 9 year old sister can come up with dozens of ways for Bella to tell her mom about her relationship with Edward and not give away his secret.)

I DO like how the whole Cullen family has decided to strive so hard against their instincts (and desires) and not take human life for the sake of their own needs or pleasure. It’s a long and difficult battle to become, as they call it, “vegetarians”, but the result is life for dozens of human beings. I also appreciate Doctor Cullen’s effort to save lives instead. He studied for years to become a doctor and worked very hard to be immune to the smell and sight of blood. Even when he’s just working at the Hospital you can tell that he has the respect of his fellow co-workers, and he has a deep sense of caring for his patients to the best of his abilities.

Bottom line; I don’t like Bella (not even in the books). I don’t like how they didn’t have more of the whole Cullen family. I don’t like how Robert Pattinson portrayed Edward (he seems too shy. In the books Edward is supposed to be alluring and eloquent. He needs to speak fluently and not trip over himself like Robert does). I don’t like how they don’t talk about Jasper’s abilities (that’s always fun). I miss Alice’s close friendship with Bella -they don’t have that in the movie. I don’t like how quickly Bella and Edward jump into playing kissy-face. And I didn’t like the scene in the woods when Edward decides to reveal himself completely to Bella -it seemed too rushed to me (in the book it’s more gradual, and he eased her into it, thinking that she couldn’t handle some of the facts.).

However I really like Edward’s thoughtfulness and efforts to be gentlemanly. I liked Alice -even though she wasn’t in it much. I loved how they made Doctor Cullen and Esme seem like a close mother and father -I liked their relationship together and you can tell they really love each other. I like Emmett and how he was portrayed -he was always one of my favorite characters, this just made me like him even more.  I loved Charlie and how much he wanted to be a dad -you didn’t get the full extent of this in the books, but the movies play it out nicely. And I just flat out love the morals of the Cullen family.

Even though this sounds like I hated the movie, that’s not true. I really enjoyed it!
All in all, it was a fun movie with some good morals to it.
I will probably go watch it again in theaters if it ever reaches the dollar theater. I might even try to take my mom, my 14 year old sister, and maybe even my 16 year old brother to see it as well. (He’d really like some of the fight scenes)

I think that some boys would like the action, they made sure that the movie had plenty of fun vampire fight scenes that kept you on the edge of your seat. And they had some awesome beefed up Volvo and super Jeep scenes that make you groan in appreciation for the power behind the engine. (My friend and I sat there going “Ohhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh!!! That’s such a sweet car!”)

I think that Twilight is a fun movie to just sit back and enjoy. It’s even more fun when you can watch it in a theater, and have your senses absorb all the sights and sounds that this movie has to offer.
I’d whole-heartedly suggest that you talk to a parent before going to watch this movie, and to have a deep conversation about it when you’ve seen it. It’s very good for deep discussions, and for thoughts on how your relationship with Christ should look like. (Without the lust and romantic schmoozyness.)

To be honest, I probably would not have gone to see it if I hadn’t read the book first. And I probably would not have read the book if my friend Laura wouldn’t have sent it to me as a Christmas gift a couple years ago. 🙂


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