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“Beautiful Girlhood” is only a little book; not some 223 pages. But contained in those pages are many treasures. While written mainly for girls entering their teenage years; I believe this book can really be for any girl or woman. Each one will get something out of it. Mabel Hale; the author, talks on many different subjects- books, friends, a pure heart, character building, obedience, modesty, and so much more. Her style of writing is easy to read and understand; and it is easy to find something to identify with. When I first read this book; it was earlier last year, and I had been going through a bit of a rough time in my life. When I read this book; certain parts made me simply want to cry, as it felt like Mrs. Hale was talking to me, personally. The book answered some questions I had about life; and encouraged me about growing into the woman God wants me to be. It helped me understand more about life; and after reading it, it made me feel very much uplifted, and almost…proud that I was a girl. 🙂 Perhaps proud isn’t the right term exactly; all I can say though is that it made me realize how precious girlhood & beyond really is; how it’s something that we should keep safe, keep safe for the Lord. 🙂

(Written by our own “Miss Krys” from Maidens of Modesty forums! :D)


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Most people today, if they thought about modesty, would probably consider it prudish, old-fashioned, or irrelevant. Choosing clothes for moral reasons has long been out of style (no pun intended!). Instead, girls wear what attracts attention or what everyone else is wearing–many of them not because they’re trying to be a stumbling block or because they are somehow worse than “us,” but only because they’ve never been shown any differently. Immodesty surrounds us every day, and to make things worse, many standards are solely cultural–in the nineteenth century, showing one’s ankle was improper, while in other countries today, wearing no head covering is indecent.

Then why do we strive for modesty at all? True modesty begins with attitudes and motives. It isn’t made up of relative standards that change over time. Just as the implication that all women must have a professional career to be valuable is demeaning rather than liberating, immodesty ends up displaying women as objects, rather than human beings whose worth is based on more than physical beauty. A girl who doesn’t flaunt her skin shows not only that she respects those around her, but that she respects herself enough to let others be attracted to her because of her internal traits–personality, intelligence, character, godliness.

At the same time, modesty doesn’t (or shouldn’t) contradict true beauty in any way. God created beauty just as He created truth and goodness, and wearing ugly, ill-fitting clothes in the name of modesty isn’t honoring to Him either. A quick read-through of Song of Solomon is enough to show that beauty is important to God.

Many people seem to think that those who support modesty do so because they are ashamed or afraid of the human body, but the opposite is true. Withholding something from the eyes of general public makes it worth more, not less. We stand for purity not only because God commands it, but because it makes more precious something that the world lost long ago.

(Written by our very own dear Alyosha from Maidens of Modesty!  Thank you SO much Aly! -If you’d like to have your article posted on Maidens of Modesty, please contact me. 🙂 We love articles on God, Modesty, Purity, Family, and other girly things.)

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