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Hello again all my dear friends! Very Happy

As most of you know, I have dyed a purple streak through my hair this week.
I have constantly been asked (usually with a disgusted tone) ‘why on earth would I do such a thing’.
For the most part, everyone I have talked to about it has been quite negative to the idea, and has made an effort to let me know their opinion. I have even flat out had people stop talking to me because of this. (yes, sadly, I’m quite serious)
*laughs* I’ve had someone, upon hearing that I was doing my hair purple, turn to my mum and ask her “And you’re allowing your daughter to do this?! Why are you letting her rebel like this?!” (My mother quite calmly responded with a sweet “If I thought it was an act of rebellion, I’d have problems with it. I’d be more concerned if I had a different daughter, but since it’s Danica , it doesn’t concern us at all and we support her in this.” -I love that woman! Smile *laughs*)
My parents are supporting me in this, we have discussed this a lot, and they understand my thoughts on this.

Anyway, the answer to that question “Why on earth are you dyeing your hair?” is:
I have several reasons why…
#1- Because I am celebrating my Freedom of my Faith! I’m making a stance and celebrating the fact that my God is a God of freedom! He doesn’t have a restriction of hair color, He’s doesn’t say “I’m sorry… I’m only accepting Brunettes into My presence now. You have a purple streak in your hair, you’re not allowed to pray to me. I don’t accept prayers from purple haired girls.”
His love is extended to all people, with all different types of hair color, skin color, and face shapes. We are free to color our hair, wear make up, and wear funky colored clothes.

#2- When I first announced the fact that I was coloring my hair, a lot of my friends who are not Christians were thrilled and some have been talking to me more since.
I think this may be an interesting way to be able to “connect” with more kids who are lost and need Christ. They feel like I’m “getting to their level” and making an effort to reach them.
Erin also encouraged me in this, when we were talking about her hair (she colored it BRIGHT pink! Very Happy), she told me that she constantly had people come up to her and ask her about her hair and just start talking to her.
While she’s out shopping or something about 9 times out of 10 she’ll have at least one person ask her about her hair.
WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY TO PREACH THE GOSPEL, EH? Very Happy Truly, having people come to you to talk is an amazing gift to spread the Word!
“Why do people come to you when you have funky colored hair” you ask? Good question. Wink Razz Because they feel like they can connect with you on a level that other people won’t understand. -Yes, that sounds very silly, but do you feel like you can talk to kids who aren’t Christians about your hard-core passion for Christ, and expect them to be able to relate? I don’t. I know they can’t relate to that. At the same time, a reserved little Christian girl who always wears dresses, can’t relate to those who color their hair funky colors.

#3- I’m trying to make a stand and show that Christians are not just the quiet, meek, skirt and tennis shoe wearing, ‘uncool’ freaks. Wink *laughs* We can be cool, fun loving, social, kids too! Wink I’m always being labeled “the good little Christian girl, who always wears skirts to church, who always wears modest clothing, whose daddy is a traveling pastor, and who reaches out the other ‘good little Christian girls’ through online ministry”. It just gets old.
Yes, I LOVE my Maidens of Modesty website! I love the girls on there, and I love ministering through the website to my girls. But I also want to reach out to the unsaved girls!

And last, but not least #4- I just like it! Razz It’s something completely new and random, and I wanted something new, random, and a tad bit wild. Wink

So, my dears… that is why I have dyed my hair purple!
Any questions, comments, or exclamations are welcome. Wink *laughs*

*hugs to ya’ll*
Blessings from our Most High, loving, kind, gracious and amazing Father!
Your sister in Christ,

P.S. I wanted to thank EVERYONE who has been supportive of it! Very Happy Seriously it blesses me for those of you who have encouraged me! (Even if I do get a lot of teasing jokes about it. Wink *pokes and hugs*)



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