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Picture this…
You’re newly engaged! He’s SO handsome; he’s everything you had dreamed and more!
He loves you more than he can express. He’s promised to always love you, and you know you can always trust him to protect you.
His love for you is something you can just feel when he is around, and you have promised to love him back.
You can’t stop thinking about him!  You giggle every time you hear his name, and you have a huge smile every time you see his face.

You love telling people some of the sweet things he has said and done for you; it makes you feel special.

When he’s gone, you long to hug him and can’t wait for him to return.

Can you imagine it?
That is how my friends have told me it is to be in love.
Perhaps for some it will not be as extremely romantic, but you still understand the feeling.

It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?
You can easily picture yourself in that situation, can’t you?
I know I can.

Here is a question that I had to ask myself though…

If this is how it will be with my future earthly bridegroom, why is it not like this with my future Spiritual Bridegroom?
Christ is our future Bridegroom! (Many times over Christ has referred Himself as our Bridegroom.)

Why is my relationship with Christ not like this?

Sometimes I do feel that much in love with Him. I long for His presence when I feel that He has ‘left me’. I can FEEL His love for me when I read scripture and sing worship songs. I smile and laugh every time I hear His name. I LOVE telling people some of the things He has done and spoken to us through His word. Every day, I promise to love Him back.

Yet… it is not a constant deep love. There are days where I lose myself in my sin and am frustrated over something, or worried, or sad, or agitated. I forget my deep love for my future Bridegroom, and set Him aside as I make my emotions and sin more important in my heart.

How this must break His heart. He, my Spiritual fiance, has given me everything I have and, no matter how many times I put Him aside, He still loves me deeply!

So, my challenge this week, and hopefully forever more… shall be to always put Christ first; before my sinful feelings and my emotional worries. Before thoughtless and unjustified comments about things that annoy me. I shall remember my Spiritual Bridegroom, and smile. I shall sing His praise and laugh, and enjoy His presence in every moment. I will take comfort in His arms, and rejoice in His love for me!


Side note:
In this last year it seems like dozens of my friends are getting married, or are engaged, or are having their first children, or in a deep relationship with someone. (I cannot tell you HOW many weddings we have over the next year!)

On rare occasions I find myself almost wanting that, because some of them seem so happy. (It is very rare, mind, but it still happens sometimes.)

I have to stop and remind myself that Christ IS my Bridegroom, and if I have an earthly relationship and do not have Him… everything is worthless. I remind myself how no human being’s love can compare to my Spiritual Bridegroom’s love. Even though I cannot exactly see Him, I can see His beauty and works through other people… And THAT, my friends, is a love worth having.

I wanted to tell you that so, if by any chance, you struggle with that on rare occasions too, you can celebrate your future wedding to your future Bridegroom too!


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These past few weeks, one of my close friends in Christ has been facing a lot of opposition for his faith and moral stances from a source that he thought was a place of encouragement for him. He has really been under constant ‘attack’ from the enemy because of this. Which, of course, he has brought to the Lord and Father has strengthened him to handle it well.

This has been a constant point of prayer in our household and in his.
Last night, while I was sorting through some old papers of notes that I took while reading a book called “Christ Our Mediator” by C.J. Mahaney, I found some quotes that applied to his situation. (As well as many others that I’m sure we all have lived through.)

Here is a quote from Mr Mahaney’s book:
“In our time of deepest affliction, none of us find any comfort by endlessly focusing on that suffering.
There is an element of mystery in all our suffering, and in this life we can’t fully understand it, yet we face a subtle temptation to relive and review our suffering.
That’s an exercise that will never bring rest and release.
What will bring rest and release is spending more time meditating on the cross and the God of the cross.”

I had to stop to think about that for a minute…
How many times do I want to hold onto an offense that someone has committed against me? (Or that I have felt like someone else has committed against me)
How often do I find myself ‘suffering’ and I feel beaten and only want to dwell on my feelings on it instead of refocusing on the cross?
How often am I lost in my own sin, and not releasing it to Father?
What am I still holding onto that I have not handed over to Christ for Him to bear?

Christ sacrificed Himself, gave Himself up, so that I could be free from this sin! I am yet sinning against Him to dwell on my own suffering, and not willingly handing it over to Him and allowing His precious blood that was spilled on my behalf to wash me clean.

As I went on in my notes I found another quote from the same book.
In it Mr Mahaney asks a question that hit me right in the heart.
He says… “In your own time of severe distress, which are you more aware of -your suffering or your salvation?”

What a powerful question to ask myself “Which am I more aware of, my own pain and suffering? Or Christ’s suffering on my part, so that I may be free?”

The next time I go through a trial or hardships I must remember to remind myself to realize how insignificant my own suffering really is, and how great Christ’s suffering on the cross for me was.
No matter what I have gone through in the past, and no matter what I shall go through in the future, it shall never compare to what Christ went through on the cross. For I shall always have Father grace me with His overpowering presence, He shall be by my side guiding me, protecting me and most importantly loving me. But Christ… He was separated from the face of God, and suffered through something that we could never imagine.

I’m praying that each and everyone of you will realize the amazing glory of the gift of the cross this Easter!
With all my love,

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I’m sorry? What happened to our free country?!
Have you read this? (links provided below)
California has made homeschooling illegal!
I’m sorry… but the last time I read the Constitution of the United States it sure looked like we had every right to chose our own education.

I understand that our Government doesn’t like homeschooling because they can’t tightly control it.
But this has gone WAY too far!
Banning Self Education?
The legislation that passed this law was not thinking this through.
If we ban Self Education that means that we cannot teach our children how to talk, read, walk, or any basic thinking skills at home. Self Education is something far more than just homeschooling.
Every time we pick up a book we educate ourselves! Soooo… all the libraries need to be destroyed? Books will be thrown out and burned on the street like the Nazis used to do?

This is something we need to stand up for, people!
First it’s our education… the next thing they’ll try to control is our Religion.
Make a STAND against a controlling Government!!!


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