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Hey again all ya’ll girls! Laughing

I have been in a VERY big Christmas mood. Razz Soooo, I had my ‘Website Critiquing Crew’ help me decide on some stuff that we’d suggest for Christmas. Very Happy
(Girls, I cannot thank you enough! -I haven’t had time to finish ALL your wonderful suggestions and ideas yet… my computer time has been hacked to pieces. I have been having 5 minutes at a time! Shocked But I have been slowly working on them all. )

Anyway, since I didn’t have Get Active finished yet, I decided to change it into a ‘Christmas Shopping’ room! Very Happy (I haven’t had time to get all the books yet either… that’ll take a long while. Blushing But I AM working on it)
If there is a certain book you want to see up there, let me know! Very Happy

Again… tons of love and hugs to all of you!
~Miss Danica


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Hey everyone,

I only have a moment, but I am asking you all to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for Miss Sara and Meg.

A dear family friend of theirs was in a car crash, and was killed. (She was only 19)

This was a HUGE shock to them and their whole family. Miss Sara is taking it especially hard. Please pray for peace for her whole family, and that they would be able to minister to the girl’s (who died) family. -They are not Christians, but she was.

Thank you all so much, I appreciate it beyond words!

In Christ,
~Miss Danica and Miss Laura

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