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*comes in out of breath* Oh my goodness! I am so excited right now!

God has been giving me tons of new ideas for Maidens of Modesty! -I just got done ‘brainstorming’ with Miss Laura (one of my ABSOLUTE best friends!) about what we could do to give it a makeover. 😀

I have been sort of tired of how it has been, lately. It’s not very fun to look around on, and we haven’t updated it very recently. *blushes* (yes, that is MY fault… I can’t blame it on anyone or anything.)

I just have felt like it needs a new look, and a lot of new things to do on it.
But before I go on and do what I want to it, I want to know what YOU girls think.

SO, how about it? What do you want to see change on Maidens of Modesty’s website?
What are you interested in seeing/hearing/learning about?
What are you struggling with, if anything, in being pure?
What do you want us to research that has to do with purity, modesty, and being Godly young women?
Do you want tips on guys?

Please, any ideas at all would be very much appreciated. 🙂
And don’t be afraid that we won’t like your ideas, just be creative and go ahead and pour your heart out. 😀

I can’t wait to hear from you all…
*huge hugs to all you Maidens of Modesty*
In Christ,
~Miss Danica


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