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Stroke of brilliance!

I know it’s been forever since I have blogged…

Life has been crazy busy for me, I have been all over the place. And life has just been crazy.

But, I have been wanting to put up a blog for a while, but couldn’t think of anything to blog about.
Tonight, I was talking with a friend (who is very crazy, by the way… and no, he doesn’t mind me saying so. -It’s a compliment to him, not an insult. 😉 As well it should be, being crazy, is awesome!) and I randomly said something very odd indeed. And the next thing I know, he’s basically daring me to post it as a blog! *shakes head* 😛 😉

So… this random post is for our friend Todd (from NW).

My random thought of the day…

Chocolate -nearly everyone’s favorite candy- is grown on trees, like fruits. It’s very healthy… really it is!
Flour, is a grain, and can reduce the risk of heart attacks.
Eggs, are chocked full of Vitamin D, and that helps strengthen your bones.
Milk, is basically liquid calcium!

So… if all of these are good for you… does that mean that we can classify Chocolate dough nuts as healthy? 😀

Yes, you may take that to your doctor and try to stump him. (Or even try to convince your mom! 😉 Who knows… maybe she’ll agree) *laughs*


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