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Have you ever had those moments of ‘I just really don’t belong here’? I had one yesterday…

I was at my neighbor’s house looking at her Yard/Porch Sale, she wears my sizes. We have been friends for *thinks hard* …about 9 years now. She’s a year and 1/2 younger than me, butthat really doesn’t change a whole lot at my age. 😉

We’ve always known we aren’t exactly alike, she is more of a ‘worldly’ girl than I am; I would rather wear a garbage bag than wear some of the outfits she wears. I would rather befriend Frankenstein’s monster than have some of the friends she has. I would rather put my head in the toillette and listen to the water in it than have to listen to some of the music she listens to. I would rather eat soap than say some of the things that she says.
And yet all of the things she does is considered perfectly normal from a teenager, and the world expects teenagers to be like her.

Aside from all of our differences that we have, we still are friends. (Just not close)
Usually we don’t always disagree with things. However on several occassions I realize just HOW different we are… yesterday was one of them.

We were sitting there talking about some of the things we are doing this summer when a guy walked by with his dog.
We both looked over at him, smiled and nodded. (That’s how we say hello here. -Sometimes it’s a raised hand, other times it’s actually a verbal hello, but the most common is a head nodd.) He smiled and nodded back and walked on.

When he passed out of ear range we both said ‘Awwwwww, he’s so cute!’.
We both laughed that we said the same thing, “I know,” I said “I just love German Shephards, they are so adorable.”
She looked at me stunned. “NOT THE DOG! … I meant the guy.” she said in an irratated voice. (Like I was the idiot here.)

I’ve never, EVER thought that way about a guy before, and yet I’m looked at like the weirdo in the situation. I think we were both stunned at eachother’s responce, although we’ve known eachother long enough we should be used to it by now.
*sighs* I, yet again, realize that ‘I just don’t belong here’.


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*sighs* How lame does it seem that I get a ‘kick in the pants’ from watching my baby sister? Seriously…. it astounds me sometimes how God shows you things in ‘everyday life’ situations.

I love to watch my baby sister. She is almost 18 months old, and the most head-strong baby you have ever met. (Hmmm. I wonder where she gets THAT from? ;) Those of you who have spent any time with me IRL probably know that I am rather head-strong when I feel it’s worth it. -And it usually isn’t. 😛 ) She is also one of the cutest little baby boogers there ever were, with her curly reddish-blonde hair, and her cute little ‘baby walk’.
Watching her makes me feel old, reminds me of the way I was all the years ago when I was a child It’s even brought back memories that I didn’t think I had!
But more than that, she reminds me of the way I am NOW. Why you ask? Ah, good question. Lets get into that.

Squishy (my baby sister) loves to do things by herself. She loves to walk by herself -without holding anyone’s hand. She loves to say things for herslelf -most of which you cannot understand what she is asking for. She loves to play by herself -how can she do that with 6 other siblings, I have no clue. She loves to eat by herself -ugh, what a mess that makes. She loves to put her clothes on by herself -”No, your pants go on your legs, not your head”. She loves to do YOUR chores by herself -Oi! Dishes go in the pantry, not in your toy bin!
She is just VERY indipendant. (Like most babies are) If she doesn’t want to be picked up, she’ll tell you!

HOWEVER! If you cut up an apple, or open a box of Graham Crackers, or if you bring out the box of Cheerios she suddenly decides that she wants you and your attention.

What does this have to do with a lesson? you ask. Ahhh, another good question! You’re very incitive.

The other day while watching her go through her ‘Ooooo, Crackers, I now want you to hold me. Aren’t I cute?’ routine. I realized how much I almost felt used by her, granted she is a baby, but if she were older I would be truly offended. Then I though… “How often do I do that to someone else?” or worse yet… “How often do I do that to God?”
You see, we as Christians usually consider God as our ‘last resort’. When we are wanting something, or are in trouble THAT’S when we turn to Him. We are so concentrated on doing our own thing and being indipendant, that we don’t take the time to actually spend time with God. To create a one-on-one relationship with Him. To truly stop and tell Him that we love him and want to serve Him.

*sighs* Do you remember in Matthew 7:20-23 where Jesus talks about people saying to him “Did we not cast out demons in Your name?! Did we not prophesy in Your name?! Did we not even do miricles in Your name?!” where upon He will turn to them and say “I never knew you. Depart from me, you who practice lawlessness.”

People, He is not talking about those of you who have just asked Him into your heart, and do good things, and never swear, and never drink, and go to church every Sunday and even on some Holidays. He is talking about actually KNOWING you!!!! Spending time with you! Listening to you talk to Him, and not just when something bad has happened, but ALL the time! And being your best friend! HE is the one you should come to first when you are excited about something, not some friend who you can call up on your free nights and weekends. And HE is the one who you should come to first when something horrible has happened, and not to complain at Him, but to truly pour your heart out to Him, to confide in Him, to be your best friend!
THAT is knowing Him. Coming to Him first, talking to Him, listening to Him, loveing Him, and learning from Him. That is how we knowing Him.
Reading about Him is good! But it’s not all, you need to talk to Him and listen to His heart as well.

So to conclude, I am challanging you all to take 20 minutes today (yes, 20 minutes!) to set aside to talk to and listen to God. No phones, they need to be turned off. No iPod or music in the background. No TV in the other room. No laptop to check email every now and then, or even the occassional game of Solitaire. Just you and Him.
If you need to go on a walk so that you are in the park by yourself. Lock yourself up in the bathroom if you have to, I don’t care! Just do it!

And I don’t mean 20 minutes of asking Him for things, or complaining to Him that the toilet is not working and that He should do something about it. I mean 20 minutes of you talking and listening to Him like you would your best friend on the phone.

I assure you, it’s worth your time. -Especially since HE is the one who is in charge of that time, He gave it to you and could take it away just as easily. Try this for at LEAST a week. And if you can, take more than 20, try for 30, 40, 50, or even an hour. I assure you, the more time you spend with Father and the closer you get to Him, the easier the ‘hard things in life’ will get. Seriously, knowing Him makes your life SO much easier. And there is no point where you ‘know Him well enough already’, so don’t even try to delude yourself with that thought, that’s a lie from the pit of Hell.

Talk, listen, and become close. That is to know Him.

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*Hmmph* (That’s me growling… in case you didn’t know. Wink)
I just read a news paper article today, titled “Managing the Opposite-sex friend after ‘I do'”

It starts out with a letter written to the editor whining that their spouse friend is spending too much time with their spouse and they are jealous because of it. They have asked their spouse to not spend as much time with this friend, so she (the spouse) told her friend that she wasn’t going to spend as much time on the phone with him (the friend). So he (the friend) started sending her a bazillion text messages instead… Rolling Eyes

Now, I personally do not understand why this guy (the writer of the letter) didn’t stand up, be a man and give this ‘friend’ a piece of his mind… or at least ask him to not talk or text his wife so much. Instead he writes a letter about it and whines to the editor. (*sighs* People can be SO stupid sometimes)

Ok… anyway, the column goes on to say that there cannot be a relationship between a man and a woman as ‘just friends’ because there is always some sexual tension between them. The column writer even goes on to say

“There will always be some sexual tension. I don’t care if the person in question is a practicing nun or a 400-pound Neanderthal with a comb-over. If s/he is your good friend, then you’re possibly attracted to him/her on some level. It’s natural to be attracted to those we love. I’m not saying that you’re necessarily going to act on this interest -in 9 out of 10 instances, you won’t- but to deny that you feel a thing for your Friend of the Opposite sex is pure B.S.”

*raises eyebrow*

Now, to be quite honest, I agree that you are naturally attracted to those we love, but NOT in a sexual way.
I am really annoyed by the rest of it. I completely disagree with this statement in particular “but to deny that you feel a thing for your Friend of the Opposite sex is pure B.S.”

I have several guy-friends that are just that ‘Guys that are Friends’. I truly have NO feelings for them sexually, or even having a ‘crush’ of some sort and they all feel the same.
I treat them like I do my girl friends (but slightly different because guys aren’t interested in hearing about the outfits I just bought, or the heart-to-heart chat I just had with another friend and those are usually the things that girls like to talk about Wink), and they treat me like they do their guy friends (except we don’t compare spit, or even navel lint like guys usually like to talk about Laughing 1 and our conversations are usually a bit shorter because guys are usually of fewer words than girls, they can say more with less words than we usually can Wink) I don’t feel anything else on my side, and they don’t feel anything else on their side.

Yes, I’ve discussed it with several of them. It mostly went like this Me: “Hey, dude… you know that I don’t really LIKE you in ‘that’ way, right?” Dude: “Yeah, totally. Same here, you know?” Me: “Yeah. That’s cool.” Laughing 1 Razz Wink Ok, so it was a little different… but not much. Mr. Green

So then…. are we not a walking contradiction to this article?
Can guys and girls just be friends without any sexual feeling in the relationship, of any kind?
What are your thoughts and feelings on this, I truly would like to hear your hearts.

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